The Bandit Series by Outlaw Drums is made out of maple stave shells that are 100% American-made. They are custom-cut from raw maple at the Outlaw Drums workshop. These drums are hand-crafted and assembled at their shop using only high-quality hardware.

Delivering the performance and amazing tones drummers have come to expect from Outlaw Drums including the projection, attack, and articulate response… the Bandit Series continues this legacy with pride. Maple, an industry favorite, in staved construction has a wide tuning range which can meet the needs of even the most demanding drummers. It can produce deafening highs and explosive rimshots, while being invitingly warm with note sustain. Being an extremely versatile drum, the maple Bandits can deliver a warm smooth tone that moves out of the way nicely or they can cut through the air like a sudden snap of thunder in a storm.

Sold exclusively at guitar center and musicians friend

Natural clear, Reckon red, Yeehaw, yellow, Perilous purple, Bandit blue, Gallup green.

1. Natural Clear: The name "Natural Clear" was chosen to reflect the essence of this shade. It is meant to evoke the idea of a clear, transparent finish that enhances one's natural beauty. The shade is designed to provide a subtle and effortless look, allowing the wearer's true beauty to shine through.

2. Reckon Red: "Reckon Red" was named to capture the bold and daring nature of this vibrant shade. The word "reckon" suggests confidence and taking charge, which aligns with the powerful and attention-grabbing qualities of this red hue. It is meant to convey a sense of fearlessness and make a statement wherever it is worn. Columbus no I don’t

3. Yeehaw Yellow: The name "Yeehaw Yellow" was chosen to reflect the lively and vibrant nature of this shade. The word "yeehaw" is often associated with enthusiasm and excitement, which perfectly encapsulates the energy and zest of this yellow color. It is meant to evoke a sense of joy and celebration, inspiring wearers to embrace new experiences and live life to the fullest.

4. Perilous Purple: "Perilous Purple" was named to convey the mysterious and captivating qualities of this deep shade. The word "perilous" suggests a sense of risk and adventure, which aligns with the enigmatic and alluring nature of this purple hue. It is meant to evoke a sense of intrigue and fascination, allowing wearers to embrace their adventurous side and explore new possibilities.

5. Bandit Blue: The name "Bandit Blue" was chosen to capture the rebellious and edgy nature of this shade. The word "bandit" suggests a sense of defiance and non-conformity, which aligns with the bold and unconventional qualities of this blue hue. It is meant to evoke a sense of individuality and empower wearers to break free from societal norms and embrace their unique style.

6. Gallup Green: "Gallup Green" was named to reflect the harmonious and earthy qualities of this shade. The word "Gallup" can be associated with the idea of a peaceful and tranquil state, which aligns with the calming and grounding nature of this green hue. It is meant to evoke a sense of connection with nature and inspire wearers to embrace the serenity and beauty of the natural world.